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About 5Y

5Y Business Solutions is a fast-growing software solutions start-up building a disruptive enterprise class software framework that helps businesses gain up to 50% efficiency in their software cycles.

Emerging Technologies: In addition, our award-winning work in mobility, AR, VR, IoT and Wearables has enabled our customers to pride themselves of some of the most outstanding apps and life-impacting technology applications.

Project Delivery: Everyone that is associated with Technology realizes the challenges associated with on-time, in-budget delivery. We pride ourselves of being able to consistently achieve a less than 10% spillage relative to the projected budget and time constraints.

We have worked very hard and have perfected our Agile methodology to 2 week sprints. You will enjoy complete transparency in being able to use the product on your staging environment through the development process. Our engineers deploy updates onto your staging servers at each logical stopping point, which is typically one to three times a week. Furthermore, we have adopted all practical and reasonable best practices into our development cycles and are able to provide you with the metrics, the dashboards and the reports that help you constantly measure progress.

We hold our engineers to very high standards and our team prides itself of doing what it takes consistently to meet our clients’ goals.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building and providing you with a world class team. With an average software development experience of 8 years, we pride ourselves of one of the most qualified teams that you could be associated with. Every engineer that makes it into the team is scrutinized thoroughly, reviewed for the right fit, trained and challenged constantly to function at the highest standards both in terms of engineering skill as well as attitude

  • to assure ourselves of continuing to maintain the quality we have been able to build into the organization till date,
  • to ensure an elite engineering club environment that promotes a win-win relationship with each person that joins the 5Y family
  • to ensure that our customers get the very best that the world market has to offer and
  • to constantly strive to achieve higher results for everyone associated with 5Y

Project Delivery

Engineering maturity, agile project management, technology expertise, alignment with your culture

Emerging Technologies

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Wearables, Machine Learning

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