Partnerships built on trust

At 5Y, our goal is to become your go-to partner for technology-based strategic solutions. We challenge ourselves to identify, build, and execute new paradigms of excellence through inspired human capital and streamlined and clear processes. We make this happen by leveraging the diverse strengths of talented individuals to assemble a team that understands not just the technological challenges you face, but also the workings and culture of your industry. This approach produces cohesive teams that deliver quality, on-time results.

Outcome Oriented Symbiotic Relationships

We at 5Y want to share a well-kept secret with you and all other decision makers in today’s economy. Throwing a large number of people or a big sum of money at a problem is rarely the best solution. Effective solutions are achieved when the right number of qualified people are given the right tools and are allowed to work in an environment that nurtures creative thinking. We bring this philosophy to every aspect of our business, from human resources to Project Delivery.

In this global economy, 5Y recognizes that every company wants to take advantage of the best resources at the most appropriate price-points. We understand that a minor or major change, such as hiring an employee, engaging a contractor, or partnering with a third party for a project, could have monumental consequences to your bottom line. 5Y prides itself on making sure that every project we receive from our clients returns to them on time, in an organized, value-added form. If we do not believe we can excel at it, we will not take on the job.

The 5Y Proposition

We are One Team building a Global Brand across Multiple Geographies in Multiple Vertical Markets.

Technology & Business Solutions are at the core of what we provide with great responsibility and care.

Our integrated approach is about making sure a technology solution drives greater efficiency, and therefore greater effectiveness and profitability for the company or organization. Sometimes this requires addressing more than just the technology, and looking deeper at organizational structure, staffing effectiveness, vision-mission-goals, and various benchmarks.

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