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At 5Y, we truly believe that ultimately it is the people who make it happen. We aim to create a culture where each individual has the Freedom to Explore Opportunities to Connect, Co-create and Celebrate.

5Y strives to doing things better! We believe that there is always scope for improvement and every person has something unique to offer. Joining our team means, becoming a part of a larger think-tank that seeks constant improvement and innovation. It is an opportunity to create a global impact.

You will be a part of a team of expert software architects, engineers and other technologists and leaders who are passionate about their work because they believe in what they are doing.

Individual members of Team 5Y hold their own distinct place and we take extreme care in ensuring that each member knows that he/she is not just an employee but an integral and an important part of a team that is honest, hard-working, trustworthy, reliable, kind, resourceful, and respects time. We hold each other accountable and look forward to you joining and contributing to our value system.

Every member of our team is tech savvy, and is forward thinking. They keep their minds on the job, while looking forward to the bigger picture. Team 5Y works for improvement, for achievement, for delivery and for growth, choosing to do good, because it’s the choice of the conscience. And as a member of this team, we expect you to bring in your uniqueness and value, while understanding and adapting to the core 5Y philosophy.

Together we always do more than any one of us can…

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Together we can achieve more than any of us can alone…

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