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Art, Architecture, Engineering – and Software

By Anderson Williams September 29, 2020

Frank Gehry buildings are always marvels of Art, Architecture, and Engineering. They are an apotheosis of the three disciplines coming together. Without Art, they would be like every other building and I wouldn’t be writing about them. Without Architecture, they would remain seemingly impossible ideas in the innovative mind of an Artist. Without Engineering, they might be built as concept buildings, but could never survive the stressors of use and weather and life that any building must endure.

Art, Architecture, Engineering: these are also the foundations of software development – particularly the development of innovative products that will expand or create new markets and drive your business forward. Without Art, your product will likely be off-the-shelf, commodity software (which is fine for many businesses but isn’t driving business innovation). Without Architecture, your product will likely feel like a clunky collection of features rather than an innovative business solution. Without Engineering, you might launch a product that sizzles, that people love, but that collapses under the weight of its own success – performance issues, scaling issues, security issues, etc.

BOS knows that good Architecture and solid Engineering are the keys to unlocking the creative possibilities of software for your business.

This is why we built the Business Operating System (BOS). We want to unleash the creativity of your developers and allow them to focus on the unique software that’s going to drive your business – and build your product on a world-class, secure, scalable foundation.

Start your new project now or contact us to see how we can help.

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