BOS Framework, Inc. Does Business As 5Y Business Solutions Pvt Ltd in India

BOS was built for Business

  • Legacy Migration

    • Migrate your legacy applications to a modern cloud with DevOps.
    • 10x security for your legacy applications in a matter of days.
    • Help with microservices integrations.
  • Integration

    • Convert older applications with little integration into a product suite in a matter of weeks.
    • Consolidate redundant hosting and core functionality for integration ease and operational efficiency.
  • Innovation

    • Your innovation project from idea to global distribution in under 5 minutes.
    • Designed and built for rapid iteration.
    • APIs and SDKs for standard functionality to help reduce development and testing time and costs.

Case Study: Learn How BOS Transforms Business

Moving their applications onto BOS saved one of our clients $800,000/year in tech spend. This helped them grow faster and invest more in new innovative software.

start, integrate, modernize, secure

Set up your new, more secure infrastructure

  • AWS or Azure
  • Kubernetes, Windows or Linux
  • Auto Scaling
  • Alerting & Monitoring
  • Security

Security scan and redeploy with microservices

  • Code scans and penetration testing
  • Custom CI/CD workflows
  • OAuth2 based Authentication & Authorization
  • Logging and analytics
  • Emailing

Secure your data

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server
  • Segment out your PII
  • Multi-tenancy: Data isolation per tenant
  • Disaster Recovery

Manage your products in the BOS console

  • Performance analytics
  • System health and security monitoring
  • Deployment logs
  • Team access

Foundational APIs and Building Blocks

Authentication & Authorization
Activity & Audit Logging
User Management
Identity Server
Email & Notifications
Roles and Permissions

Customer Quotes

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